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danI now have the athletic, fit body I always wanted, no diet, no more wasting hours of time doing what wasn’t working.  4 Stone down, I feel brilliant.



chris before after1After years of simply never really understanding what to do to get my body to look how I wanted it to, (hours of cardio etc never worked & I hated it)  I hired Darren for the Manchester Confidential Challenge. Over just 12 weeks I dropped 36 LBS / 2.7 stone and built a firm and fit body I was much happier with.



brian web 1“Darren transformed the way I eat and train and made it SIMPLE, i’m not at 8% with no stress. Darren’s plan is a PERFECT fit fit busy guys like me, who want to take their health, body and productivity to the next level. Just pay him some money man!”


Brian Horn

ben adkins“This Darren Casey character has completely changed the way I look at food and working out, i’ve dropped over 15lbs quickly without working out for long at all.

I’m already in the best shape i’ve been in 4 years!”


Ben Adkins

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Welcome, Im Darren. I do ‘things’ very differently. Every day, people ask me ‘whats the best way to get xyz’. Everyone is confused. Frustrated. Wasting time. People are fed up with all the BAD advice out there that’s confusing the hell out of everyone. CONFUSION NO MORE ==> I created a TIME SAVING PLAN to give you

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darren After breaking my ribs, I was out of it for 16 weeks. SO I decided, to eat what I wanted and GAIN FAT! I lost muscle too! WHY? To test my plan on MYSELF. Here are the results, it took just 10 weeks to get it all back.


Phil before and after May 2013

Nearly 4 stone off and feeling fantastic. No diet, not long boring gym workouts. Super quick,  simple to follow and sustainable. My wife now has the ‘fit guy’ back she met 10 years ago! I feel brilliant.


Helen front before afterI wanted to feel great in a bikini. But never stuck to a gym / exercise routine before for long as results really came as expected. 1 stone off…NOW I understand HOW to maintain my firm body, and still enjoy those treats. No more diets for me!


image-6Post baby body, and energy back within 16 weeks. I feel great, no longer tired or lack energy like I did, and I can now wear all those clothes that were hanging up in my wardrobe staring at me again. A clear plan thats simple, and quick. I love feeling fit and trim again.


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