If you fed up of slow progress and long boring workouts, diets that make you feel miserable and all that miss-information…then your ready for something totally different…

Imagine, getting to where you want to be, without a diet, without trying to figure it all out, and with a workout plan you can do anywhere that takes 11-20 minutes. Welcome to GetleanPT

15 Years Success Giving You That Slimmer, Fitter Body, Fast So You Have More Free Time

Ready to make it happen?

I created a time saving transformation plans that last, are simple to follow and fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

Hi there, i’m Darren Casey, your Coach.

I’m here to share with you the LATEST ways to get you to where you want to be. No more trying to figure it all out.

I’ve 15 years success helping people to lose weight, firm their body and become happier with how they look, move and feel.

The 3 main barriers to people getting results are;

1. Time

- so I created a metabolic workout plan that takes just 11-20 minutes that even the busiest people can fit into their day

2. Money.

When you get years worth of results, in months instead of wasting away years  of frustration and all your money – to stay where you are now (or get worse), investing in my transformation plans saves you money. You get results faster, and results stay. You become empowered with the knowledge of exactly what to do when, how and why, so your lifestyle = the slim, fit and happier you.

3.  Lack of a proven, effective plan.

You need a plan, what to do when how to do it, why and then it has to be sustainable.

I do all this for you. After we set out exactly where your at and heading to, you will have a nutrition plan to banish hunger pangs and easily fit into your busy day so fat loss happens consistently without you even realising… so your NOT hungry and feeling miserable, cutting out all you enjoy. Oh no, we love food too, and show you how to enjoy those cheeky treats so it actually HELPS your results.

4. BONUS… you can do the best routine n the world for a week or 2, and it will get you nowhere it for you cant stick to it. Most workout plans last waaay longer than they need to. This means people give up, results are slow and they get bored.

With the plans I coach, your done within 11-20 minutes and all adaptations are set up so you get consistent progress.

Instead of trying the latest ‘gimmick’, or diet, or those random gym roitnes that take forever, or those ‘cheapest around’ classes, ‘trainers’, bootcamps etc… that leave you unsure of what to do with your nutriton, what to do with your next step of your results based plan, and put it all together so you can stick to it

“When you have clarity how to make it happen, it happens ” Darren Casey, The Transformation Expert

I help people with little time, to get faster, sustainable results with a plan that easily fits into their lifestyle. No diets. No hours of working out. Simple. Effective. Proven and FUN.

So you wake up with your happier, healthier body

  • Are you fed up feeling miserable on those diets?
  • Fed up of Fads and had enough of slow or little progress?
  • Results never seem to last?
  • Are you ready to find out how to STOP wasting any more of your VALUABLE TIME?

Get started on those results by getting your 7 Day Slim Plan below

privacy This is the first step that firm, slimmer and happier you

Your Coach Darren Casey has so far helped people melt around 200,000lbs of unwanted body fat and keep it off over the last 15 years.

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    Decide your going to invest in getting some help

    Getting your slimmer, firmer, fitter body and waking up happier with what you see and feel like, will not happen until you DECIDE your going to invest in them. You just have to decide that this goal is a priority and be ready to learn more about hat to do next…

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    Fill out my form so I can learn where your at and where you want to be

    We can give you the best advice and help when we know exactly where your starting from and where you want to be. This way I can be sure to give you the most accurate help.

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    Your Coach Darren will help you learn what to do to make your results happen

    I will help you learn why what you have done before no longer works or never worked, how we can help you, and give you the plan most appropriate to make your results reality.

Music gets you ready

WHY you give up.

The cost of cheap

Why next weeks results will suck

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Why you REALLY want to lose weight

Why don’t you get results?

We all agree. Diets don’t work, fads don’t work, trying to figure it all out on your own doesn’t work, the cheapest trainer in town doesn’t work, those DVD’s don’t work… if they did you would be there by now right?

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